• 30 november
  • Talentgericht

Fontys presents vision on internationalisation

A vision document recently approved by the Executive Board established four guiding principles for internationalisation. In our increasingly global regions, Fontys develops talent and knowledge, with and for the professional field. We also see our students wanting to focus more on international social issues during their studies. Internationalisation has great value for our students and society, making it an essential part of our teaching and research. This requires a vision with clear principles. Based on these guiding principles, policies will be developed in 2024 that will guide Fontys for Society's focal point of internationalisation.

The 'Internationalisation' vision came about on the basis of discussions with lecturers, educationalists, researchers, and Fontys management. The vision describes Fontys' internationalisation ambitions for education, research, and the supporting processes. The vision is guiding the development of policies on the national and international education portfolios, language, recruitment, and student housing, among others.

International orientation 
Fontys wants every student to gain international orientation and intercultural competencies. To work and live in our regions, workers must have intercultural competencies and international knowledge. It is Fontys' mission to equip students with this so that they are ready to take their place in society as working professionals. Therefore, these aspects are given an embedded position within the learning environment and learning outcomes of all study programmes.

Foreign-language programmes 
While educating primarily for Dutch society, Fontys also contributes to solving global societal challenges. Where there are shortages in our society and where the job market prospects of international students are high, a foreign-language education is appropriate. 
Fontys is mindful of the current political discussion taking place in the Netherlands regarding the anglicisation of higher education. Together with educational partners in higher education, we are mapping out current foreign-language Degree programmes. In doing so, in addition to the accessibility and efficiency of our education, we are mindful of the wellbeing and employability of our students, the professional field and society.  By taking proactive direction, Fontys will take responsibility for its social mission, now and in the future.

The international perspective of research and international research cooperation is strengthened by making targeted choices. Internationalisation of our research should contribute to the quality and quantity of practice-based research in Fontys' research themes. A solid national knowledge base and cooperation are prerequisites for any international cooperation.

Finally, we design our organisation in such a way that we can encourage, strengthen and guarantee our vision of internationalisation on the basis of education, research and support processes.

Societal discussion
With this vision of internationalisation, Fontys is sending a clear message about the value it places on all aspects of internationalisation. On 30 November, chairman of the Executive Board Joep Houterman sent a letter about our vision to the outgoing Minister of Education.

Read the entire vision document  on Fontys Hub. Over the next few months, this website will also feature articles that address the various aspects of the change task for internationalisation.

For more information about this vision, contact your team leader or the director of your institute.


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