Bko course including assessment (English)

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As a (starting) teacher, you want to be able to convey your knowledge and skills to students in the best and most inspiring way possible. This requires knowledge of educational science, didactics and pedagogy. This basic teaching qualification (bko) is offered by Dienst P&O.
12 sessions + assessment day
10 september

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All (starting) teachers who do not have a 'basic teaching qualification' (bko).

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Please note that this training is available in both Dutch and English. On this page you can register for the English version. If you are interested in the Dutch version, you can register via the following link: bko (Dutch)

As a starting teacher, you want to be able to transfer your knowledge and skills to students in the best and most inspiring way possible. This requires knowledge of educational science and didactics.

Dienst P&O offers a training starting November 2023 to professionalise you in the basics of teaching methods, the basic teaching qualification (bko). The training is concluded with the BKO assessment.

The bko course consists of 12 sessions from 9:00 till 12:30 p.m. During these sessions, you work in dialogue with other colleagues from different institutes/diensten on the three learning outcomes wich are the foundation for your basic qualification.

You develop in the following three roles. Each role is further elaborated into detailed learning outcomes.

The teacher as:

  1. Supervisor of learning processes
  2. Re-designer of teaching
  3. Professional

During the course, the following components, among others, are covered:

  • Introduction and giving meaning of learning outcomes
  • Vision on education
  • Constructive alignment
  • Coaching, giving guidance to learning processes (autonomy, self-management, direction)
  • Formative and summative feedback / assessment
  • The art of refelction, intervision

In every meeting, dialogues with colleagues are central. You will discuss your learning questions. During the programme, there is a visit to your lessons, on which you receive development-oriented feedback. You can also make use of an individual coaching session.


The bko course is completed with the Fontys bko assessment. The assessment determines whether the learning outcomes are demonstrated and proved with appropriate evidence. You may demonstrate the learning outcomes by means of a portfolio and an assessment interview.

The bko assessment will be assessed by your bko tutor and an independent assessor. The bkoprogramme is part of the national standard basic didactic competence (bdb). Together with the basic qualification examination (bke), you will meet the national bdb criteria.

Dates and times

  • Course with start date 10 September 2024, location: Fontys Eindhoven. See this pdf file for course days and times.

If you are interested in a Dutch-language bko, please have a look at this page.

More info

Trudy Cortenbach

Cost: € 2250 (the costs are for the bko course incl. assessment)

Organised by: Dienst Personeel en Organisatie