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The bke (basic examination qualification) course is focused on developing your knowledge and skills regarding assessment. By following this course you prepare yourself for the bke certification.

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bke = basic examination qualification​.


As a lecturer in higher education, you face many challenges in your work. In addition to keeping your subject knowledge up to date, being aware of didactic choices and the way in which you can connect with today's students, the assessment of knowledge is a challenge. In its quality programme, Fontys University of Applied Sciences pays explicit attention to lecturers' development and their teaching practice.

Examination is an important part of education. As a professional you know that assessments are more than the written exams and assignments at the end of a term, but also include the moments during your classes in which you help provide insight in the progress of your learners. During the BKE (Basic Examination Qualification) training the focus will be on developing your knowledge and skills regarding assessment.

The goal is to obtain the bke certification. Combined with your bko certificate you meet the requirements for the national basic didactic skills qualification (bdb) profile. The bke training is independent of the certification process, which is offered by FKO. In order to obtain the certificate you need to go through the assessment procedure which consists of a portfolio and an additional interview.

You need to sign up for the certification procedure separately. You will receive more information at the start of the training.

Time investment: the average time investment for the bke course is 40 hours. This includes the course days.


  • You are familiar with your own role, duties and responsibilities and those of others both within the framework of the assessment policy and within the assessment organisation as a whole, and act accordingly. You are able to develop the quality of assessment based on the study programme's vision on assessment and learning. You are familiar with the relationship between assessment, assessment policy and the vision on assessment and learning.
  • You are familiar with the position and function of assessment in the curriculum and the assessment programme. You are able to relate assessments to the study programme's vision and intended learning outcomes.
  • You are able to redesign/develop, implement and evaluate assessments cyclically and systematically. You are able to substantiate the choices you make. You are able to use information from assessments as content for your teaching and assist students in their development by way of feedback. You are able to make accurate and informed decisions based on information from assessments and you are able to communicate that information clearly to students. You are aware of the impact of assessment.
  • As a critical professional, you are consistently able to reflect on your own actions concerning assessments and modify your actions if necessary. You are aware of your own experiences with and views on assessment and the way in which these influence your own actions and development.​

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No new training dates have been announced yet. If you are interested, please send an email to. We will inform you when more is known.

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Cost: € 675,00

Organised by: Dienst Personeel en Organisatie